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    In March 2015 something incredible happened. We - back then, "we" was André and Bianca, two people disappointed by their former teaching jobs - opened an alternative learning center in Berlin, Alt-Treptow. Learn more about the project. As an enthusiastic, autodidact German teacher, Bianca started to host an open German learning space. Two formats are currently organized to bring together German natives speakers and German learners: the weekly German Evening and the monthly German Learners' brunch. Both try to make learning German a collaborative, creative and self-determined process.


    All our events are gifts. That means, you can come by, drop a coin in the donation box for our expenses (copies, rent) or help us in any other way or just enjoy being there. We are confident that you will pay it back someday, somewhere, in the name of learning.

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    +++ dates to be announced +++

    Holterdiepolter! Schwuppdiwupp! Tri tra trallala! Learn the real German with us.

    Come by at our open German Evening at Die Lernwerkstatt!

    We've got something in store for German learners of any level.
    Depending on who is there and what they want, we will usually have a conversation, explain some occurring Grammar topic and/or dive into reading/writing or listening to German. We might also discuss a topic that's brought up by the learners - feel free to share your ideas!


    Please check out our facebook event section for up to date information.


    We are looking forward to meeting you.


    German Learners' Brunch

    two Sundays in a month, 11-13h

    Schrippen & Kaffee

    Leave your German books at home, get something for breakfast instead (maybe something traditional?) and join us for merry German chatting, anybody is welcome!

    We are hosting the German learners brunch once a month, usually on the third Sunday (see dates).

    This event is a gift. So come on by and see what we are all about. We are looking forward to meeting you.

    Termine/Dates 2016

    September 4

    Always 11 am - 1pm

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    Der Hör- und Lesetext behandelt meist aktuelle, in den Medien diskutierte Themenbereiche. Für das Verständnis eines Textes hilft Ihnen ein entsprechendes Hintergrundwissen. Daher ist es sinnvoll, wenn Sie zur Vorbereitung viel Zeitung lesen und Informations- und Diskussionssendungen im Rundfunk und im Fernsehen anhören.

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